Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Cindy - Thank You


Luis - Lara

This was so informative
And quick to understand
Took me about 3 hours to finish and key is make sure you understand what you are reading

Ginger - Review

Very helpful and refreshing on the things i knew but just got brushed up on.

Charlette - Charlette-Credit off my Insurance

Very helpful information, a lot of which i was unaware of. Great reminders for the future.

Jamiyah - Great Course

This course is great for everyone to take.

Khloe - Review

It was great!

Malaysia - simple and quick


Andre - Good course

Informative course.

James - Great Defensive Driving Course

Having competed employer defensive driving courses over the last 40 years, this course was a great refresher and I highly recommend taking the course. Course is easy to navigate.

DREW - Simple

Such a breeze

DREW - Great Course

Easy to read and follow and informative

joshua - good course

good course

Donavon - Good

Great easy

Janayjah - Test

Great refresher on rules of the road!

Destiny - Pretty smooth process

I paid for the course and was able to start immediately which I was excited for. The quizzes throughout the text helped. Very informative information, thank you so much for this opportunity!

Alexus - Great Course!

This course gave really good points and I was able to learn a lot from it!

Tamikalon - Great Course

This course is very informative. I would recommend every driver to take this course as a refresher every 2 years!

Charlene - Défensive Driving

I thoroughly enjoyed this very informative course.

Desiree - Driving Certificate

The course was very long, that is my only complaint.  The information is very thorough and I scored a 92% on my first try.

Joseph - Great Course - Quick and Simple

Enjoyed the ease and quickness of this course. Very informational.

jose a - jose

Please forward this to GEico

monique - Monique-Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Course was easy. well organized and content was well informative.

Sierra - Defensive Driving Course

It was good. Very informative.

Christy - Simple and Easy

I had a very informative experience and loved to learn new things that I didn’t know before I read the defensive driving course!

La’Quentin - Great Course

This was an awesome course . I actually feel like an better driver

Madison - Quick and helpful

The course was set up very nicely, so that all information was stated clearly. This allowed more efficient choice selection during quizzes.

Eric - Eric - Defensive Driving Course

This was a really good refresher on driving laws in my state. I agree that this is a course that should be taken every few years to re-assess this information for the safety of ourselves as well as for others on the road.

Qaree - Defensive Driving Course

Thank you. It was a refresher to a veteran driver.

Prisha - Driving Course

Good review of information!

Carla - GA Defensive Driving

It’s very straightforward and can move at your own pace.

Debbie - Ga Defensive Driving Course

The course is easy and well written. Self explanatory

Kenneth - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

The review was brief and comprehensive. The content was organized in a digestible format, and you are given an accessibility option for listening to the content. This condensed course can be completed in a day, and the various questions assist in retaining the information presented.

Joline - Good Refresher for Everyone

Everyone should do this every 5-10 years.

Elizabeth - Defensive driving course

It's easy and you can move at your own pace

Kameron - Good course for driver awareness and reminders

Very good class to refresh driving rules on the road

Cassidy - Great refresher's course!

Easy way to remember what's really important about driving and following the laws. Very user friendly as well.

John - GA defensive driving

Great content throughout the course, great review, pop quizes.

Jon - Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Very Informative; thank you!

Travontae - Perfect

Very helpful

Frieda - Very Helpful

Reminded me of things I had not thought about after driving for years. Good way to refresh and review laws and to stay safe on the road, and keep others safe.

Joanna - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great course!

Jay - Great Course

Easy to navigate and understand. I recommend this course to anyone that needs to complete this course

jeri - jeri

great class

Christopher - Chris -great corse

Well put together test I enjoyed it

La Donna - Defensive Driving

Great Class!

Cindy y - Cindy - Defensing Driving

Great course, very explanatory and easy to understand!!

Jaylin - Denfensive driving

It was quick and easy

Kerwin - Kerwin

it was quick an easy to do, ues and learn.
Thank you.

Trenton - Defensive driving

Fast and easy

Shelby - Very Helpful!

This course teaches and reminds you to use common sense while driving. It also offers very helpful advise for not-so-common situations, making you feel prepared in case of emergency! I enjoyed it  a lot!

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