Product reviews for GA Joshua's Law Driver Ed Online

Gabriela - Joshua's law

it was long but understandable

Jonathan - Good

I learned a lot through this course. It was definitely worth it.

Daniella - it worked

I did the course

kaela - Kaela

I liked this course

Rickey - Joshua's Law

Real simple

Thomas - completing joshuas law

it wasnt a bad time it just took forever

Braxton - Alright

The test itself was good but it was so boring

Adam - Review

I like it had very GOOD information.

Allison - Review

This course was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend it to others. I finished the course in 6 days.

shanaisia - Driver Course

It was easy

Addison - Joshua's Law

Long intervals during each section.

Riley - Joshua's Law Course

Great course with easily understandable sections.

Andrew - I loved the course

it really helped me learn everything it takes to know how to drive properly, safely, and legally.

Mia - GA Joshua's Law Driver Ed Online

I loved doing this course online. I could do it from my phone and/or laptop, so great for convenience. the questions and videos are usually quick and very informative! very long and time consuming but neccessary

omarion - omarion


Autumn - Great Course

This is a great course for teens to take and learn the rules of the road!!!

Noire - Teen Driver

I learned so much from this course. I learned things that I never thought that I need to know. I highly reccommend

Kaley - great program

really good program would recomend

Brandon - I liked this course

I liked this course

Randall Landon - GA Joshua's Law

This course was informative but very long. A fast reader has to wait out the timer which makes the course slow to progress.

Keyiana - Highly reccomend :)

Although the coarse was long, it was not hard. you can easily finish this coarse in two weeks if you dedicate many hours to it. I've seen my friends do Joshua's law on other resources but this one seemed way easier! I would definitely recommend and wish y'all the best!

Ethan - Joshua's Law

I think this course was very informative and definitely something every teen should have to take.

mayson - good


Payton - Joshuas law course

long but very simple

KaRon - Joshua Law course

This was an overall amazing course. The only problem that I had was that I had to wait for the timer to finish a lot, due to the fact I read everything fast.

anna - anna - the review

i liked this course alot !

Sereniti - Joshua's Law Course

This is an easy course and very easy to understand.

Breeli - Ms

It was good

Elina - Joshua’s Law

I don’t like how it had the lock timer because I read fast

Madison - Joshua law


Jack - great course

This course was thorough and easy to understand

Tyrique - Tyrique- Joshua's law

It's an amazing website for you to take your courses.

Abigail - Joshua's Law

This course was very simple and easy to understand.

Darien - Addison

It was  very informative

Miyonna - Course review

I learned a lot, it was very long

Karra - karra - review

i understood this a lot. It helped me learn more about everything.

Arabella - Joshuas Law

this was a great website!!

Julian - Tanner - Joshua's Law

Great course!

Preston - Awesome

Loved the course!!

Evie - joshua's law

really great!

Tydricus - pressure

i liked the course it was pretty easy

Maggie - Joshua's Law Review

Simple, easy to understand.

Martha - Joshua's Law

It was okay and finished within 2 weeks, mostly common knowledge.

Nicklaus - good just a lot

i feel like it was helpful but at times it seems to overdo it.
and the study time requirement is annoying.

Hannah - I'm Done!

I've finally finished, it took a while but it was worth it. that NHSA for the class!

Anjela - ANJELA - Joshua Law

I like the course it was very simple and easy to understand

Daniel - Joshua law

The course was very helpful and easy to navigate.

Elijah - Great program

This was easy and informative. Great way to satisfy the requirements for getting my license.

madaline - Joshuas Law

I liked the course!

Divani - Great!!

I liked that this course ensured that I read and spent time on each lesson with the timers. It was fairly easy

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