Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Freddy - Georgia Defensive Driving

This is by far the best course I've ever taken. It's so simple and very easy to use, especially since you can leave and come right back to the answer you left at. There is no need to even cheat, it's all common sense. Very efficient and an excellent course.

Kelvin - GDD Course

The course was well put together & very informative!

Sierra - Insurance Discount and Point Reduction

It was very easy to follow and needed for me when I am a distracted driver because of my ADHD. Thankfully this was here for me to take and I hope to be a better driver because of it.

Andres - Andres - Great Course

This course helped me, made me learn new things, and was very fast compared to others.

Jasmine - My review

This course was easy and efficient with provide me with information and real life situations

Tonya - excellent course

This was a great course.  easy to run through and not too long.

Margaret - Great Course

Course is user friendly.

Jason - Good Course

Good mix of video and reading

Catherine - Catherine - Georgia Defensive Driving

Very informative and great review of defensive driving techniques, laws, and personal skills to stay safe on the road!

trenton - Trenon- Georgia Defensive Driving

It wasn't bad at all.

Howard - Georgia Defensive Driving

Well done review of defensive driving techniques, laws, and personal skills to stay safe on the Georgia highways.

Brian - Brian Defensive Driving Course

Not bad at all. Great review!

Sadray - Defensive Driving course

It was easy to use and very helpful with increasing knowledge of traffic laws.

Krishna - Great course


CUONG - Defensive driving course

I have been provided with useful information.

Marissa - Defensive driving

I had to take the ticket dismal for Georgia state which was honestly really good they showed some very interesting videos and give you mini pop quizzes which end up being the final exam questions. Overall 10/10

mary - defensive driving

very interesting

James - Georgia Defensive Driving

Great test - very good

Judy - Thought provoking

So good to refresh and relearn.  The videos were excellent.

Shilo - Amazing

Very informative and helpful for all types of learners.

Danielle - pretty easy and informative

Course was user friendly and refreshed my memory on laws we don't come across on a daily basis. Great course

Richard - Best defense driving website

Amazing and efficient website

Carol - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

This class was a great refresher on Georgia's driving laws. Very easy to understand.


It was a good exercise.
I will recommend this for all drivers.

Leighanna - Leighanna

It was very affordable and quick to complete.

Lexie - 6 Hour Course

Great course! Goes over good details before taking the drivers test.

Josue - Josue

thank you, it was fun and informative!

Tommy - Fast, easy, understanding

This course was very easy and understanding. Also was the best price I found.

Kendra - Good refresher

Many good reminders to hopefully make everyone safer on the roads

CHRISTOPHER - Georgia defensive driving

Helpful information.  Im even making my teenage drivers take the course.

Tate - 10/10

Even experienced drivers should review this material, it would save lives.

Chyenne - Helpful Information

I was surprised by how much I knew and was very happy to learn more. I better understand the significance of these laws at my age now than when I first got my license ten years ago. It was great to be refreshed. The course was super informative and easy to navigate. Would recommend this to others.

Anthony - Information

This course is very informative lots of material

Brian - Great course

Very helpful

Jared - good course tbf

i liked it

Thaddeus - Learning Review

Great course covers everything!

Bradford - Defensive Driving course

Great course!

Anita - Defensive driving course

Course was informative and a refresher to your driving skills and was easy to navigate, I give the course 5 stars

Jayna - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Even as a 40 year driver, I learned a few new things from this course. It was to the point and will save me a lot of $ over the next few years.

Edwin - Thorough, definitive, and complete

Now I am to become a better driver. Everyone should take this course.

Ithaly - Georgia Defensive Driving

This was really easy and this also helped me learn new things. I encourage anyone to take this course and help you get your certificate for Defensive Driving.

Peter - Great Course

I learned a few things I didn't know before taking this course.

Damon - DDC - 5 stars!

Very informative and covers all modules in depth with ease 10/10

Brent - Good Information

Very well educating

Tamyra - Tamyra- DDC

I learned alot and this assessment was very helpful

Surya - Good refresher

Presentation was thorough and easy to follow


I learn a lot from taking this course

David - Great Class

Very easy to navigate and work through.

Dae - Georgia Defensive Driving Course ( 6 hours )


Dekatoe - My review

Enjoyed it very well was easy to use recommend to everybody considering taking this online course

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